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During this period, three friends came together to do what would have been considered impossible just a couple of years back – to establish Thailand as a global leader in the cannabis sphere. Thailand is already world renowned for its jasmine rice, durian, and mangoes. Why couldn’t it lead the world in cannabis too? The founders also shared a vision of a Thailand where the wellness properties of quality cannabis could be made accessible to all Thais over the age of 20, not just those willing to shell out several hundreds of baht per gram.

Deciding on how to make this dream a reality was the next challenge. Outdoor cultivation would make it difficult to produce a consistent crop and to deliver the best possible quality to consumers. Besides, whether warranted or not, the negative perception that the industry automatically attaches to outdoor cannabis would never allow such a farm to become a thought leader. Maybe with a sophisticated indoor facility, then? But the high costs of running an indoor production wouldn’t allow cannabis to made available at an accessible price to average consumers.

The founders decided to bring a different type of cultivation to the table, a hybrid greenhouse – combining the best of both worlds. They set themselves to work on bringing together world-leading experts in various areas to design and build a facility that is virtually unique in Thailand. So began the journey of Thai Stick Co., Ltd.

Harmonizing with the Elements

When you think of the best beef, chicken, eggs, etc., what are the terms and labels that come to mind first? “Organic”, “Free-Range”, “Pasture Fed”, the list goes on, but the message is the same – they are allowed to thrive in conditions as close to nature’s abundance as possible. Despite its obvious merits, indoor cannabis cultivation is a relic of the times when cannabis cultivation needed to be hidden away. Why do we continue to put “indoor” on a pedestal? It’s the easy but expensive way out, and more importantly, it denies the plants the most basic natural resource, sunlight.

Far more challenging is harmonizing with the elements – producing indoor conditions in a greenhouse structure. How has Thai Stick done that? With a purpose-built hybrid greenhouse engineered to hit every check box.

1. Lights

The facility is housed under a polyethylene roof, that permits diffused sunlight to nurture the plants. Over 1,000 supplementary LED lights from Fluence line the roof frame, to ensure consistent light levels regardless of weather conditions. An automated light deprivation system orchestrates periods of complete darkness for precise control of the photoperiod and initiation of the flowering phase.

2. Temperature, Humidity and CO2

Harnessing the power of the sun alongside Thailand’s tropical climate leads to extremely hot conditions inside the facility. Thai Stick employs the use of an advanced HVAC system, designed by expert leading Dutch agricultural engineers, including custom-built Daikin AHUs and rapid air distribution systems. This ensures that the cool, dehumidified and CO2 enriched air is rapidly circulated throughout the facility, maintaining ideal and uniform climatic conditions year-round.

3. Nutrients and Water

Thai Stick purifies its water with reverse osmosis membrane filtration. A fertilizer injection system carefully doses nutrients into the water which is then precisely delivered to each plant via a drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation system conserves water use and was designed and supplied by Netafim, global leaders in irrigation systems.

4. Smarter Farming

All the cultivation systems are linked to an automated climate control system from Priva, Dutch leaders in automation for commercial agriculture. Thai Stick also employs a comprehensive traceability software from Cannavigia, enabling them to track every aspect of their plants’ growth, from seed to sale, ensuring efficient production management, risk mitigation and full transparency to the consumer.

5. Post-Harvest

Recognizing that quality doesn’t end with cultivation, Thai Stick built a fully-fledged post-harvest facility. The completely sealed building maintains precise temperature and humidity levels, is finished with anti-microbial surfaces, and includes dry rooms that employ laminar airflow with HEPA-filtered air. This facilitates a gradual and controlled drying process, preserving terpenes, and ensuring optimal product quality. Hand-trimming means every dried flower is subject to a strict quality inspection before proceeding to a curing room for final stabilization and further enhancement of the product.

Connect with Thai Stick at the 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup

Above all else, Thai Stick believe that building a lasting industry is only possible through collaboration with like-minded players. Experience Thai Stick’s commitment to excellence firsthand at the upcoming 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup, from December 1st to 2nd, 2023, at the Blue Tree Adventure and Water Park in Phuket.

This event promises an exclusive, high-resolution virtual tour of Thai Stick’s operations, providing insight into their unwavering dedication to each product. Meet Thai Stick’s team of professionals who are ready to answer questions and share insights on their vision for cannabis for wellness through mindful cultivation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Thai Stick at the 2nd Phuket Cannabis Cup, especially if you are a dispensary owner, or someone looking for a trusted supply chain partner that can consistently deliver market leading value to grow your business. And while you’re at it, be sure to add their official LINE account and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates!

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